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About Our operator training

Explore our operator training programs, specially designed to increase competency in firearms, law enforcement, private security, and more. Our expert instructors provide comprehensive training in tactical operations, enhancing proficiency and threat preparedness. Explore our operator training to elevate your skills and knowledge in defense and tactical operations.

DNC Defense Firearms training

Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

Concealed Carry

Group Sessions

Private Sessions

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

Scenario Based Training

Use of Force

Weapon Retention

CQB, Vehicle CQB

Active Shooter


Operator Courses and Advanced Tactical Operations

DNC Defence military, law enforcement, and private security training


Service Specific BJJ, Clinch, and Striking

Edged Weapons

Impact Weapons

Weapon Retention

Course Credit Training Hours

Custom Curriculum

Instructor Development

Program/Policy Review and Development

Use of Force

Scenario Based Training

Special Operations

DNC Defense private group/specialized training

Specialized Curriculum

Special Operations

Use of Force

Scenario Based Training

Beginner to High Speed Operators

Time and Mission Specific

security threat assessment and training




Special Events

Operations Planning


Program Review/Assessment

Use of Force

Scenario Based Training

Emergency Protocol Review/Assessment

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